About CitySand

This is the personal site of Hairunizam. CitySand serves as a platform for the author to share his thoughts on the current events of the world or anything random that catches his eye. The topics tend to gravitate towards recurring themes of design, media, culture and music.

Fuller Biography of Hairunizam
Singaporean. Born KKH, 1989.

I am currently pursuing my Diploma in Media & Communication in the Singapore Polytechnic. Throughout this entire course, I was introduced to the influence of social media by my peers and lecturers themselves. Before entering Singapore Polytechnic, I used to be a Luddite  where I ridiculed anyone who puts the slightest effort in publicizing themselves towards the vast Internet world. However, this soon changed when I learnt that there is so much more than publicizing your daily rants in blogs and other social media mediums; Facebook, Myspace and etc. There is the aspect of social networking.

Some of my interests:


I’ve always been a firm supporter of simplicity; less is more. The art of arranging type, type design and type glyphs using a variety of illustration techniques just gets to me even if it is the same repeated text over again but in different forms. Given my obsessive compulsive disorder to perfecting details, it helps a heck lot when it comes to arrangement of type, tracking and kerning of letters. With digitization, typography opened up to a new generations of visual designers and lay users. The interest grew as a result of another interest in graffiti and the good ole’ comic books. Still, I’m practicing on how to create a work of art as a result of pure typography.

Social Media

The pass 3 years, my interest for social media grew exponentially with the help of what I’m studying, Media & Communication. I enjoy communicating with real people (albeit through a computer but nonetheless ‘real’), bringing a human touch to an otherwise disconnected audience/public. There is so much untapped capability that social media has not touched on yet and I would love to be the one of the first few to do so. This is the main reason why I started blogging and tweeting; to further get connected with the rest of the world. The mediums to connect are already there, it is us that need to get off our ass and so something about it.

  1. This is an excellent start & platform for you for your social media journey.

    I have by no means completed my journey yet; too many fragments to uncover.

    Will look forward to your tweets and updates from your blog.


    1. You’re too kind. I am always looking for feedbacks to spur me towards my social media journey.

      Same thoughts here, I’m also looking forward to your tweets.

  2. […] retweet, tips, Twitter I recently stubbled upon a blog post by a guy in Singapore named Hairunizam. That in itself is a testament to the power of the Internet. Hairunizam is a student of media & […]

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