Slamming Singapore Idol?

Before I begin, I would like to congratulate Sezairi Sezali for winning the third Singapore Idol on December 27 2009. He edged out Sylvia Ratonel in terms of votes to take the cake on that eventful night. Despite him winning, there were a lot of racist sentiments regarding him being the third consecutive Malay male to top the podium in Singapore Idol. Such irony for a competition based on the number of votes from the public.


Singapore Idol was officially kicked off in 2004 where Taufik Batisah won it, followed by Hady Mirza in 2006. This year in 2009, the competition was topped by Sezairi Sezali, making him the third male to win this ‘talent’ contest. To take note of the show’s popularity, I decided to do a simple research on Google Trends. As we can see, Singapore Idol’s popularity has been diminishing over the three contests. There are even plans for the fourth season of Singapore Idol, I wonder how long can Mediacorp milk the success of television contests like this.


‘Singapore Idol’ was a trending topic for about 4 hours according to Trend Tracker. There were a lot of anxiety built up while the competition is underway and one could see that it is surprising (in a good way) that there are many Singaporeans (mostly) that are on Twitter. This is a major step forward in the push towards a socially savvy nation. In case you were wondering how many Tweets were tweeted during the whole of the contest, here is a graph to illustrate the amount:

Less Than Favourable Remarks

Despite winning the competition, Sezairi Sezali was slammed by a lot of Singaporeans. Why? Because he is Malay guy. A lot of people claimed that the competition was rigged and his victory was a white wash from the start. As a Singaporean myself, I am very disappointed in the way people reacted when he won. He winning, was due to the number of votes he choked up due to his popularity in the show. Here are some nasty side of Singaporeans on Twitter:


Quoting @litford#SingaporeIdol = Our Political Climate. All want a different result but all don’t vote. #Singapore”. I fully agree with the statement he made. Instead of complaining, the ones that were unsatisfied with the result should reflect upon themselves whether did they do enough to sway the final result. It is an open competition anyways.

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