Our Future: A Digital Generation

Change is inevitable. Comparing the current generation with previous ones, our generation has so much more to offer. We have the ability to change the world through the advancement of technology. I chance upon this particular SlideShare on how we are changing, a change into the digital generation titled “A Perspective on the Future of Public Services”.

What is the ‘Digital Generation’?

1. Wired / Wireless

The digital generation spends most of their time surrounded by computers and other mobile gadgets (email, instant messaging, and social networking sites). At home or on the move they are always connected; thriving on the convenience of communicating electronically and wirelessly.

2. Instantaneous

They are so used to giving and receiving information immediately. Everything is just a click or a search away. In view of this, people these days are very impatient and demands “instant gratification”; if the information is too slow, they may get bored or frustrated.

3. Expecting

Given that they are more knowledgeable about the world around them, through absorbing the culture and environment around them, many have high demands for their salary, job flexibility, lifestyle and technology.

4. Open

With the availability of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, people are generally more willing to share their feelings and personal information with others. Having said that, it give everyone equal opportunity to a global audience where they could hit instant stardom; i.e Tay Zonday who sung Chocolate Rain.

5. Information Saturated

The way this generation think and process information are fundamentally different due to continuous partial attention and multi-tasking. They always want to be connected and be doing various activities at the same time; making them a central node that is always live.

6. Experimental

The digital generation are very involved in what they are doing; working, writing and interacting with others. Given this fact, it is very easy to sell a new idea to them because of their experimental nature; less work for new ideas to penetrate the market. This leads to them pursing different routes to achieve success and happiness. They want to be different and follow their dreams, they are empowered to do so.

7. Global

Growing up in a world that is connected, accessible, interactive and open, the digital generation are connected globally; not limited to geographical boundaries. They are able to share their ideas everywhere through the advancement of technology.

8. Diverse

Possessing various degrees of access to digital technologies, literacy skills and participation with their peer culture, all of the digital generation has something to offer to the global community. Everyone has a voice and a different point of view regarding a certain issue; rendering them useful for different community.

What Do They Offer?

Their innovativeness may change the world in new ways where their ability to use and create technology that are vastly different from the current ones. Also, the digital generation are extremely productive and supportive, if they are engaged in the proper manner. However, the trick is finding that method to engage them.

Anyways, here is the SlideShare for your convenience:

Are you ready for change? Do share with us, how you are going to embrace the changes that are coming.

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