Using Posterous To Simplify Twitter

In the past couple of days, I have been wondering what would be a more effective way to post my videos, pictures and links to Twitter without going through the trouble of visiting multiple sites to do the same action. After a short Google search, I was recommended the use of Posterous to solve the above issue.

Posterous easily allows you to post MP3s, files, videos and photos to Twitter through email. It is able to connect to your Twitter account and other various site, so that when you post something to Posterous, it automatically posts to your other accounts. Through one single email, you are able to upload your MP3s, file, videos or photos to Posterous, which in turn is shared on Twitter.

To get started on Posterous, all you need to do is send an email to, it is as simple as that. After that, you can link up your Twitter and other accounts to Posterous easily. Alternatively, you can set up your account at

Here is a video for those who wants a clearer picture:

Get started now to make your Twitter experience, a more enjoyable one!

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