LiveFyre Is Not A Twitter Killer

What Is LiveFyre?

LiveFyre is a place for topical, public, live-streaming conversation and debate between friends and people who like the same stuff you do. A Fyre can be started over virtually anything – articles, blog posts, videos, tweets, you name it.

Let us take a look at the different features of LiveFyre and distinguish their purpose and usefulness for their users.

Features of LiveFyre

1. Trending Topics

You may think that this is a total rip-off from Twitter but listen up, LiveFyre’s features Twitter and Google’s trending topics rather than their very own. This helps users have an idea of what Fyre to start and also see the list of Fyres that has already been started relating to the trending topic.

2. Classification of Topics

This is a simple yet often overlooked feature which helps filter the unnecessary noise and helps users focus on the topics that they are interested in. Given that this is a real-time conversation platform, when it is peak period, there are bound to be countless Fyres started which maybe overbearing for users.

3. Facebook and Twitter Integration

What is fire without fuel? Using Twitter and Facebook, LiveFyre takes advantage of the 2 most important social media platform to promote the ongoing Fyre that you are participating in. With that, they hope to attract more people to come together and have a real-time discussion/debate over the subject matter.

A Fyre may last only 4 hours before it ‘burns out’. I guess this is one way to control spam and clear out dead Fyres. However, a user can ‘reignite’ the Fyre if they are keen on continuing the conversation over the same topic and the 4 hours timer is restarted.

4. Breakout

This would be the most interesting and exciting feature of LiveFyre in my opinion. Like normal conversations in reality, some of us tend to go off tangent from the main topic. However, LiveFyre has this Breakout feature where users can start a breakout topic pertaining to the main topic without affecting the stream of main topic. A side conversation would be the most appropriate term to explain the Breakout feature.

5. Subscribe

The subscribe feature would be Twitter’s version of followers/following. On the other hand, LiveFyre subscribe feature is used for the development of a relationship based on your expertise regarding a certain topic. I believe that this feature will not turn into a ‘who has the most subscriber’ kind of contest. If you are subscribing to someone, you can see the Fyres that the person is participating plus the replies that he has posted.


LiveFyre will not be replacing the micro-blogging giant anytime soon. Twitter is a place where you discover new people while getting news from online sources and also to disseminate information that you have created or found. On the other hand, Twitter has never been a good place to hold conversational debates regarding something due to its limitations; this is where LiveFyre comes in. By aiding Twitter’s disadvantage, LiveFyre could possibly be ‘the’ place to go to when one needs an opinion regarding a certain topic.

So what do you think about LiveFyre? Here’s a video review of LiveFyre by the pioneer batch of beta testers.

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