Overcoming Glossophobia

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.

For most people, public speaking will be their number one fear all around. To be truthful, everyone goes through the period of nervousness prior to presenting but overcoming it is definitely a skill that can be learnt through training and constant practice.

In order to overcome this feeling of nervousness, one has to plan effectively and effectively to engage the audience. Here is a four- step approach to for you to structure your presentation: POST model

1. Purpose

Before you begin, you need to ask yourself why you are carrying out this presentation. Is it to inform, persuade or inspire your audience? Only after answering this question, then can you shape the style and nature of the presentation.

2. Objectives

Tell them (audience) what is it that you want them to know as soon as possible. This is to establish a common understanding between the audience and yourself before they switch off and not pay attention to your presentation.

3. Select

Choose the most interesting topics or points to focus on in order to keep their attention on you.

4. Tools

All the better if there are supporting tools for your presentation – PowerPoint slides, video clips or handouts.

By sticking to a plan, it allows you to structure the presentation without going off tangent and at the same time communicates what you want to say to the audience.


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