10 Social Media Myths, BUSTED!

Social media is a medium designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible publishing techniques. It uses the Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues. Social media supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.

However there are a few common misconceptions of social media from the masses. Hence, I have decided to clear things up by busting these myths.

#1 Social Media Are For Kids

It is true that social media are far more popular with the kids but the older demographics are evolving into this space rapidly. In the last few years, Facebook’s 35 and above users now accounts for more than 41 percent of all their visitors. Here are the findings by TheAppGap shown in pie chart format.

#2 Social Media Is A Fad

With the rapid rise of popularity in social media resulting in a buzz, it got quite a number of marketers sceptical. However, social media is more than what is when understood, it is a fundamental shift in communication – a medium intertwined in our current lifestyle. A video by Socialnomics completely debunks this myth.

#3 Social Media Is Free

It is true that most social media tools are free to use but if you want to market yourself or your business, you need to consider some cost. It is the same as Public Relations (PR), in order to get noticed, you need to get branding, promotions and developing quality content which are all equivalent to cost; not limited to just money.

If it is free, then why are some of the Fortune 100 organizations investing a lot of money in social media? Just because it is free, does not mean it is effective.

#4 Why Use Social Media To Share Ideas That Could Be Charged For?

Gone are the days when you actually ‘own’ something that you produce, stop thinking about it. These days, the more you contribute to the community, the more you will receive in social media. People recognize you for your efforts and naturally some of them will start following and promoting you without being told to.

To add on, stop thinking so much about monetizing your ideas before even starting on it. Treat income as an icing on the cake, it is not the top priority.

#5 You Can Make A Big Splash Overnight

Sure, sometimes a social media campaign can produce substantial results quickly. But it works only if you are already a star. For the most of us, it will take hardwork and determination over a period of several months or years maybe to achieve results.

However, there are some gems that used Twitter to generate success. One of them is Moonfruit. Following a relatively simple promotion, their brand awareness went through the roof with traffic to their website increasing by 200% in the UK and a whopping 1000% in the US. People have signed up to try out their products in droves, up by over 350%.

#6 If You Do Something Great, People Will Find It

Unless you are able to drive traffic to your social media effort, you are likened to a tree in the forest where you are not noticed. You need tools to make yourself stand out and some of them includes StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter and Facebook but nothing works better than word of mouth.

#7 Social Media Takes No Effort

Merely throwing up a blog will not get you traffic and writing about things that pop in your head is not likely to make you an authority on anything. It takes actual effort to make it work! Ranging from branding, promoting and coming up with great content; all examples of work.

#8 There Is No Clear ROI

This video by Socialnomics is enough to debunk this myth.

#9 Employees Will Waste Time

A research done by MIT shows that 40 percent of employees’ productivity is strongly linked to the amount of communication they are carrying out with others to discover, gather and internalize information. Employees with the largest digital networks are proven to be 7 percent more effective than their counterparts.

#10 Social Media Can Replace Networking

If you are good at connecting online but stutter at the sight of another stranger, chances are, you are not going to get far with networking. Networking still involves physical interaction which social media does not offer. Social media can only complement networking but not replacing it. To be a successful networker, you must use both together.


There you have the 10 myths debunked and solved by me. If you have any other common myths to share to, do include it in the comment box.


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