An Insight On #FollowFriday


FollowFriday began only in January 17, 2009 through @micah as a way to share the Twitter ID’s of their favourite friends and news sources with followers by inserting the #followfriday hashtag. However, with the influx of new Twitter users, I’m afraid this Twitter meme has been misused all too oftenly.


Using Trendistic, I analyzed the popularity of #FollowFriday on Twitter. In the graph above, we can see that the Internet meme is starting to dwindle in popularity over the past six months. Despite its fading popularity, it is still the number one trending topic on Friday every week.


In my opinion, FollowFriday has lost its original value of sharing valuable Tweetples and has become another marketing tool used by bot accounts to increase their follower count. In addition to that, everyday Twitter users simply reciprocates any #followfriday mentions they received by sending the same Tweet straight back without giving any much thought. The way it’s heading, #followfriday is going to be the next big thing in recognizing a spamming account. What do you have to say about #followfriday?


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