What I REALLY Think About Twitter

19 October 2009 – That was the date that I joined Twitter and today will mark the 27th day of my stay in Twitterville. Though it may be short one, I feel that I have learnt so much more as compared to the days without Twitter.

Why join Twitter?

To be honest, I only joined Twitter because it was a pre-requisite to pass a module (New Communication Technology) in the diploma that I am currently pursuing. I had nothing good to say about Twitter before even trying it out. Narcissistic, egoistical and nothing better to do would be the exact words/phrase that I would use to associate the people that have already been Tweeting before me. The thought of updating whatever I am doing to the world irks me because frankly, why would anyone care?

How do I feel about Twitter?

News & Links

Initially, Twitter was likened to the Windows Live Messenger (MSN), where I could connect with friends but soon I realize that Twitter could be so much more than a chatting medium. I soon began to follow people that provide the latest news on the things that matter to me – technology and coffee. It made me realize that this is better than searching for information around the web manually. The news comes to me as soon as they are published; instantaneous updates. The act of sharing news to my followers comes naturally thereafter; why only receive news when I myself can share the ones that I am interested in with others. Positive comments received only spurred me to find more news and links to be shared.

Social Networking

I believe that Twitter is the only microblogging site that makes it so much easier for their users to connect with people of a different network easily. Connecting in a sense, keep up with what they are currently doing. In turn, everyone too can see what I am working on or what I am doing. It gives me the sense of connection that I believe is lacking in social networking platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. In addition to that, it is so much easier to follow someone that shares the same interest as you on Twitter than the sites that I listed above. The only exception would be protected accounts.

Why stay on Twitter?

  1. My perception of Twitter is a far cry from the day that I started Tweeting. I believe I am more in tuned with the current happenings and events that are happening around the world, which is important if I want to pursue a career in advertising/public relations.
  2. Convenience. The simplicity of keeping in touch with people that share the same interest as me gets really addictive. Also, opinions on Twitter can be easily gathered within minutes after one tweet. Below I will share with you on how my classmates think about Twitter after I tweeted a question; “What is Twitter to you?”.

With that, be sure to hear me out on Twitter where I can be contacted @omgzam anytime. I  hope to connect and hear more from Tweetples alike!

Here are some of the views shared with me on “What is Twitter to you?” tweeted on November 12, 2009:

  1. For me, 1.)Interact with people that you don’t know, across geographical boundaries. 2.)to share links and information. (via @kellinachin)
  2. My bits of answers to your question can be found here – http://bit.ly/1KcrNz (via @maisaraa)
  3. I use Twitter for widening my social network, communicating as well as sharing interesting links and information with them. (via @ylingz)
  4. Keeping up-to-date with technology, current events and those random bits of cool stuff. (via @cepturday)
  5. Keeping myself informed on the latest trends and happenings around the globe, around the circle of my friends.(via @noyuutsu)
  6. To me, it’s a form of networking and sharing of interesting stuff the fastest way possible! (via @ShirleyMichelle)
  7. latest news, learn new stuff, wisdom of crowds, expanding my social network, etc. (via @iamkhannnnn)
  8. Twitter brings the trademark question of ‘what are you doing?’ to a whole new level. (via @carissahong)
  9. To me, it’s a good way of catching up with ppl I dunt normally talk to. (via @Colourrun)
  10. 10.  Twitter is a fun and simple way of networking and keeping connected and instantly updated. short, simple and fuss free (via @sonya_mohinani)
  11. 11.  Getting latest news ASAP, sharing interesting stuff w/ others, being able to know whats going on somewhere w/o actually being there. (via @leejii)
  12. 12.  Twitter is my info feed with a vast mix of info from my followings who have niche in diff fields (via @alecgoh)
  13. 13.  Twitter to me, is a way of keeping up with info in real-time, and using it as a base of comparison to mainstream media. (via @veratanpr)

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