10 Awesomestest Tips In Twitterville Just For #nct!

Have you been posting on Twitter lately?

Start Tweeting if you’re not doing so.

If you are posting, what type of links are you posting?

Social media? Jokes? Quotes? #nct related? How’s your cat doing?

Here’s 10 tips on how to Tweet under the #nct tag:

  1. If the date of the article you’re posting is more than a day old, there’s a high chance that it’s been tweeted by someone else in the list.
  2. If you’re using Tweetdeck, there’s a “Filter this column” button under every tab. (USE IT!)
  3. If you’re not using Tweetdeck, search for it somehow. (I know you know, don’t be lazy)
  4. Search for the Tweet that you’re about to transmit to the whole world.
  5. Check whether it is there.
  6. If not, fire away.
  7. Never post links without a title or a description on what it is. (WE HUMANS NEED A SENSE OF SECURITY TO OVERCOME OUR PARANOIA OF BOGUS LINKS)
  8. Do not use #nct for personal chats.
  9. Only post links related to NCT in #nct (DUH!)
  10. Try to read the links posted because some links are of different name under different website.

OH HAI! YOU MADE IT! Now follow the 10 commandments before the Red Sea close in on you.


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