Take Control of Your Social Media

On 4 November, 2009, the students of Diploma in Media and Communication were greeted with a guest lecturer from Ogilvy, Pat Law. Despite the less than favourable timing of 8AM, about 75% of the students made it on time.

A number of things were shared with us, particularly on how to use Social Media as a platform to market our personal brand and methods to take advantage of the various ways to search the crap about a specific topic/someone. These searches were mostly focused towards Twitter and blogs though.

An interesting thing that I picked up was how to use the Google Reader. Honestly, I have tried reading countless guides and video tutorials on what that program is about but Pat made it look so simple by condensing it into a pictorial kind of tutorial. Kudos to her for that.

It was very important for us to remember this; whatever we say and do over the web can easily be tracked down. We have to be mindful of what we share and say over the web in order not to be caught in a sticky situation. I have seen a fair share of racy photos being posted over on Facebook by a couple of friends, blogs created just to induce hate against a specific someone and flame wars over trivial issues; the consequences are awful. Especially if your future employer is the kind of person who searches your background prior to calling you up for an interview, than it would be a total kick in the head for you.

However, some people do want to be tracked down easily through the usage of key words so that they would be able to share their opinions or expertise regarding something but for the most part of it, the public has no clue that they can be easily tracked through powerful search engines such as Google.

My take on it: be tactful of what you say because someone’s watching.

Again I would like to thank Pat Law for the guest lecture on a cold Wednesday morning. She can be contacted through her blog at Blankanvas or Twitter @patlaw.


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